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Sunday, May 19, 2024

NSP Pre-Matric Scholarship for Students with Disabilities : Important Notice

National Scholarship Portal: Pre-Matric Scholarship for Students with Disabilities

Scheme Overview:
The Pre-Matric Scholarship for Students with Disabilities, a flagship initiative under the National Scholarship Portal, is aimed at providing financial assistance to students with disabilities pursuing their education at the pre-matric level. This scheme endeavors to eliminate financial barriers and promote inclusive education.

Important Dates:
Scheme Closing Date: Open till 31-12-2023
Defective Application Verification Date: Open till 15-01-2024
Institute Verification: Open till 15-01-2024
DNO/SNO/MNO Verification: Opening Soon

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Application Process:

1. Scheme Closing Date (3112-2023):
Ensure timely submission of your application before the closing date.
Review all eligibility criteria and required documents before applying.

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2. Defective Application Verification Date (Open till 15-01-2024):
Applicants with defective submissions have an extended period for rectification.
Verify and correct any issues in your application during this period.

3.Institute Verification (Open till 15-01-2024):
Institutes involved in the scheme have until January 15, 2024, to verify student applications.
Applicants are encouraged to coordinate with their respective institutes for a smooth verification process.

4.DNO/SNO/MNO Verification (Opening Soon):
District Nodal Officers (DNO), State Nodal Officers (SNO), and Ministry Nodal Officers (MNO) will commence verification soon.
– Stay updated for further announcements regarding the verification process.


Access the official guidelines and FAQs
Address common queries by referring to the provided guidelines.

Opening Soon – New Opportunities:
Keep an eye on announcements for upcoming opportunities within the scholarship scheme.
Explore additional avenues for financial support.

Pre-Matric Scholarship for Students with Disabilities is a commendable initiative to support inclusive education. Stay informed, adhere to the deadlines, and utilize the provided resources to ensure a successful application. For detailed information, visit the official National Scholarship Portal.

For any queries, refer to the official guidelines or contact the relevant authorities.

Note: Dates are subject to change. Applicants are advised to regularly check the National Scholarship Portal for updates.

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