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Kashmir Visuals
Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Microsoft Translator Breaks Barriers: Now Supports English-Kashmiri Language Translation

Srinagar, 27 December:(Kashmir Visuals): in a groundbreaking development, Microsoft Translator has overcome a significant linguistic hurdle by introducing bidirectional translation between English and Kashmiri. This technological leap propels the rich Kashmiri language, spoken by millions in Jammu and Kashmir, onto the global digital communication stage.

Previously, online interactions in English and Kashmiri posed challenges with cumbersome workarounds and imprecise translations. Microsoft’s cutting-edge machine learning technology now facilitates seamless real-time translation of texts and conversations between these two languages.

This initiative aligns with Microsoft’s broader commitment to supporting diverse languages and cultures globally. In a stride towards linguistic inclusivity, the company expanded its Translator platform in October 2023 to include Bhojpuri, Bodo, Dogri, and Kashmiri.

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The introduction of English-Kashmiri translation marks a momentous achievement for the Kashmiri community, highlighting technology’s capacity to dismantle language barriers and nurture cultural understanding. As users worldwide embrace the opportunity to engage with Kashmiri language and culture, Microsoft Translator sets the stage for a more inclusive and enriching online experience.–(Kashmir Visuals)

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