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Sunday, May 19, 2024

JKBOPEE MSc Technology Courses 2023 Selection List

JKBOPEE MSc Technology Courses 2023 Selection List: Official Announcement from SKIMS, Soura, Srinagar

In a recent announcement under Notification No. 001-BOPEE of 2024, dated 02.01.2024, the Jammu and Kashmir Board of Professional Entrance Examinations (BOPEE) conducted the first round of counseling for admission to M.Sc. Technology Courses 2023 at SKIMS, Soura, Srinagar. The subsequent Notification No. 004-BOPEE of 2024, dated 05-01-2024, reveals the list of provisionally selected candidates and outlines the necessary steps for their admission.

Counseling Process

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The Board, in its proactive pursuit of academic excellence, organized the first round of counseling on 05.01.2024 at BOPEE offices in Srinagar and Jammu concurrently. This marked a crucial step in the admission process, determining the fate of aspiring candidates vying for a spot in the esteemed M.Sc. Technology Courses at SKIMS, Soura, Srinagar.

Provisional Selection

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The list of candidates who actively participated in the counseling session and have been provisionally selected for admission to their respective M.Sc. Technology courses is available on the Board’s official website, [www.jkbopee.gov.in](www.jkbopee.gov.in). The selected candidates are now urged to report to SKIMS Soura, Srinagar, by 13.01.2024, until 04:00 p.m., with a set of essential documents.

Required Documents

The provisionally selected candidates must present the following documents in their original form:

1. Domicile Certificate of J&K
2. Marks Card of the Qualifying Examination
3. B.Sc. Degree Certificate
4. Date of Birth Certificate (10th class marks card/Diploma)
5. Experience/Work Certificate (wherever required)
6. Valid Reserved Category Certificate (if applicable)
7. Any other document/certificate as required by the Admission Authorities

Important Notes

1. The admission is deemed provisional, subject to cancellation if any information provided by the candidate is found to be false or fabricated. Legal actions will be initiated against such candidates in accordance with the law.

2. The SKIMS Admission Authorities are urged to meticulously verify the documents and eligibility of provisionally selected candidates, especially those under reserved categories, before granting admission.

3. Heads of institutions are requested to download and keep a record of the official notification, including Annexure-A, from the Board’s official website www.jkbopee.gov.in

This announcement is a significant milestone for the candidates who have been provisionally selected, marking the beginning of their academic journey at SKIMS, Soura, Srinagar. The Board’s commitment to transparency and adherence to protocols ensures a fair and competitive admission process, upholding the institution’s reputation for excellence in education. As these candidates prepare to embark on their academic endeavors, the SKIMS community eagerly anticipates welcoming a new cohort of talented individuals who will contribute to the institute’s legacy of success.

JKBOPEE Provisional Selection List PDF

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