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Monday, May 20, 2024

59-Crore Scam in Kashmir: Who’s at Fault?

Massive 59-Crore Scam Unearthed in Kashmir: Curative Survey’s Betrayal Shakes Investors

Srinagar, Dec 26 (Kashmir Visuals): In a plot reminiscent of the Hindi film “Phir Hera Pheri,” the scenic valleys of Jammu and Kashmir became the backdrop for a multi-crore scam orchestrated by the now-infamous ‘Curative Survey’ in Karan Nagar. The alleged fraudsters duped unsuspecting individuals, amassing a staggering Rs 59 crore by promising to double investments within a mere two weeks, according to official reports.

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Initially, the company, operating under the guise of Curativesurvey Pvt. Ltd., fulfilled its commitments, attracting a surge in investor interest, partly fueled by local YouTubers amplifying the scheme’s popularity. However, the situation took a drastic turn when the company’s owners vanished, leaving their office in lockdown.

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The news rapidly gained traction, leading to disappointed and frustrated investors—predominantly youth and women—mobilizing towards the now-closed office in Karan Nagar, hoping to find answers.

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Who Bears the Blame, and Why?

Curative Survey is not the first online platform used by scammers to exploit individuals with promises of quick returns on investments. While those endorsing such schemes share some responsibility, equal blame falls on those who chose to invest, reflecting a degree of carelessness and potential lack of internet literacy.

A twist in the tale emerges with local YouTubers, boasting substantial regional followings, not just promoting the company but vouching for its authenticity with guarantees. This departure from the norm raises questions about ethical promotion practices. Social Media Managers or Editors overseeing platforms are expected to incorporate disclaimers to alert users about potential risks. Unfortunately, local YouTubers actively endorsed the platform without providing such warnings, leading a less informed segment of the audience to invest.

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Contributing Factors to the Problem

The internet revolution in India brought about widespread accessibility and affordability, offering enjoyment to individuals across the country. However, the associated threats and challenges were often overlooked. The rapid onboarding of users into the online realm, preceding their formal education on internet literacy, cybersecurity, and safe practices, has led to a significant lack of awareness.

Key Takeaways: Protecting Yourself Online

  1. Exercise Caution: Question everything on the internet; not everything that glitters is gold.
  2. Avoid Blind Trust: Refrain from blindly following vloggers and YouTubers without due diligence.
  3. Prioritize Well-Known Platforms: Invest only in platforms with established reputations after thorough research.
  4. Conduct Online Research: Before making any investments, diligently research brands and platforms online.

As this scandal unfolds, it serves as a stark reminder for individuals to exercise caution, conduct thorough research, and avoid falling prey to enticing yet dubious investment schemes that promise quick riches. The author, a software engineer, emphasizes the importance of responsible online practices to protect oneself from similar scams in the future–(Kashmir Visuals)

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